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Application Development

When your business requires a customized software application, ETM will provide quality application design, development, test and “roll-out” services – through to production. Using our Enterprise Applications Systems Methodology (EASM), we work closely with our customers to define their business requirements and then model a plan to design, develop, test and implement the application. EASM provides a structured approach to application development by integrating the Software Engineering Institute's (SEI) standards for system development, the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) and the client's application development methodology. We have expertise and experience with a variety of development tools which allow us to choose the best tools for the project. When your legacy applications need updating, ETM will provide code review, troubleshooting and application redesign services which further your business objectives.

ETM's expertise in developing web enabled software allows us to create new solutions and re-engineer legacy applications. Coupled with our strengths in database design, architecture and development, we offer a powerful set of skills to apply to any solution.

Our staff is specialized in multiple web development languages and technologies such as: C++, Visual Basic, Java, COM, DCOM, CGI, ColdFusion, XML, XSL, XSLT, ASP, JSP, J2EE, JavaScript, VBScript, PHP, CSS, HTML, XHTML.

We are using tools like Erwin/BPwin, Oracle Designer, and Power Designer for database modeling, reverse engineering, data normalization and transformation. Our development and management efforts support all major RDBMS (Oracle, and MS SQL Server).

We develop applications using established SEI-CMM procedures, ensuring configuration control and engineering change processes in accordance with numerous enterprise architecture standards. Our software development processes have been independently certified to meet international quality standards.

With ETM, our customers can expect these interrelated activities:

  • Support requirements to develop custom software utilities, to include interface modules, and, when appropriate, coordinate with any other offices necessary to accomplish these tasks
  • Develop Web applications using accredited software and Web development tools.
  • Keep organizational IT managers apprised of state-of-the-art technologies, including state-of-the-art IT concepts, in terms of potential benefits to the R&D or operational missions
  • Develop and maintain web site content (internal or external) in accordance with any customer required regulations
  • Perform database administration of database resources
  • Develop Windows-based client applications to include connections to Oracle, Microsoft SQL or other database systems employed
  • Conduct analyses, develop solutions, plan and coordinate tasks, maximize overall system efficiency, provide for seamless integration or migration, and optimize usability and effectiveness
  • Investigate hardware, software, and communications compatibility issues; and analyze development, test, and implementation plans, as well as formulate best practices for carrying out technical and developmental activities
  • Research on-going as well as planned technical and development initiatives from within the customer's environment, which impact overall architectural or design methodologies and concepts
  • Assist customers in developing business or productivity applications, including: documenting requirements and specifications, identifying solutions, and acquiring, implementing, documenting, training, testing and validating applications
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