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Consulting Service

Our Consulting Services provides a unique service to ETM's clients by furnishing highly skilled and competent personnel who are dedicated to providing technical guidance and assistance corporately and to ETM's clients. Customers utilize ETM's Consulting services to augment the skills of existing staff or for complex IT initiatives that require advanced multi disciplined expertise. ETM's Consulting Services staff correct critical problems and/or provide enterprise-wide guidance, and then return to company offices to be placed in the service of another client. In this fashion, advanced skills and expertise are available to clients who might otherwise be unable to retain this level of knowledge or do not require it full-time. Our Consulting Services include but are not limited to:

Human Capital Strategies

As organizations continue to become more customer focused, it's vital to assure that they have the ability to recruit, train and retain a competitive and highly skilled workforce. ETM provides organizations with workforce development strategies for tomorrow's business challenges. Our customized solutions are flexible and responsive to the ever-changing workplace and include pre-employment screening, position classification, employee relations, and outplacement services. ETM also offers training programs from basic human resource training topics to executive professional development, effective team building strategies, performance standards, organizational restructuring and employee assistance programs.

Approach to Technical Assistance

ETM's approach consists of:

  • Targeted, tailored needs assessments to identify issues;
  • Functional analysis of work units;
  • Recommendations on changes needed to resolve managerial, functional, behavioral and interdepartmental issues;
  • Counseling and skills training for managers and supervisors to enable them to deal effectively with the issues;
  • Training program design and presentations for supervisors to use in such areas as team building and interpersonal communication, as well as other training courses for employees.

Solutions Program Evaluation

Each client's analytic requirements are unique and require a tailored approach. ETM is able to offer a customized approach that in part will include:

  • Determine the goals of the study and the budget of the client.
  • Select the best research techniques, i.e. survey, focus group and /or literature search
  • Develop the project work plan
  • Develop survey and other research instruments
  • Assemble the project team
  • Train the interviewers conduct survey
  • Tabulate responses and analyze data
  • Facilitate discussion/ present findings
  • Submit final report

Approach to Business Strategies

ETM's strategists employ an approach that is thorough, cost-effective and customer-focused, including the following tasks:

  • Clarify the vision and assess the organization
  • Identify activities necessary to realize the vision and bring value
  • Operationalize the strategy
  • Align the organization to the strategy
  • Communicate the strategy
  • Measure performance
  • Revise and enhance strategy continually

As organizations strive to clarify and realize their visions for long and shortterm success, the formulation and implementation of effective strategies is critical. Well versed in the challenges faced by the leaders of organizations, both public and private, ETM's strategists provide the expertise needed to develop strategies that not only capture the client's vision and are practical, but become the primary focus of the organization.

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